Thursday, August 18, 2011

Heading Out

I've been told that people write blogs when they go abroad. So here's mine! Mostly I'm excited about it because of the great title I have courtesy of and props to Logan Rains. Get it?! Anyway, tomorrow I fly away to New York so that the next day I can go to ISTANBUL (I'd say "not Constantinople" but it's an overused add-on). I'll be in Istanbul for about a week with some lovely people and then head to KENYA for a semester of studying.  (Don't worry, I have lots of madlibs for the planes.) Once in Kenya, I'll take classes (Swahili, Politics and Culture of Kenya, Comparative Philosophy, and Male and Female Creativity) and intern at an NGO. Kenya believe it?! Nope. Hopefully this blog will help me remember some of the adventures I have so I believe it when I come home in December. Weeeeeeeeeee!


  1. Margaret I'm so thrilled for you!! I had a blog when I moved to the UK but now that I've got a job and have to do laundry here, I've let it go. It is wonderful that we'll be able to see how you're doing so post away!! Looking forward to hearing about your adventures in learning. Love you. R

  2. you will find your blog to be your new favorite thing. i would love blogging before bed every night this summer recounting my adventures. have an amazing time in kenya and in istanbul (which was by far my favorite city this summer). i can't wait to read about what you're up to! love you!